Spiked Chastity

What better way to keep your slaves’ penis safe and secure (well maybe not safe) than in a spiked chastity cage? See more here at Femdom Empire.

spiked chastity cage

Spiked Chastity

Spiked Chastity
Miss Giselle loves to torment her slaves, especially their cocks. Giselle has locked her slave in a sharply spiked chastity cage, his cock wont feel too much pain unless he gets hard. She knows he cannot resist getting hard when she is sitting on his face, she puts her cute pussy right over his mouth and waits for his erection. The slave moans in pain as his cock swells inside the spiked cage, the spikes dig deep into his flesh but he cannot help but be aroused. Giselle laughs in delight as he suffers…see more at Femdom Empire

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